Flamingo Finance, the DeFi platform built on Neo N3, has been named a sponsor of Meme2Earn’s Meme of the Day contests. Flamingo Finance will sponsor Wednesdays, joining long-term sponsors Ghostmarket (Fridays) and nDapp.org (Tuesdays), as well as more recently named sponsor Xatoxi (Mondays).

Meme2Earn launched in May 2022 and was initially designed for meme creators and consumers, with a plan to expand service offerings for advertising other projects.

On the platform, users submit meme content and receive NEP-17 TIPS tokens when their posts are upvoted by other users. Likewise, users can spend TIPS to downvote meme content submissions. A portion of any TIPS used to upvote or downvote content is burnt, and a portion goes into the single-sided staking Boomer Fund.

In Nov. 2022, the team began hosting Meme of the Day campaigns to incentivize community members to engage. Daily contests are themed, and announced on meme2earn.com. Six days per week, five winners are selected to each be rewarded with US $14 in crypto, equating to $420 in prizes each week. To date, Meme2Earn has distributed over $12,000 to Meme of the Day contestants.

The full sponsorship announcement, including instructions for entering Meme of the Day contests, can be found at the link below: