The NudesToken team is hosting two ongoing rewards campaigns to incentivize community members to engage with the NudesArmy meme-to-earn platform. The Fun Facts and Data campaign will distribute prizes every two weeks, whereas the recently launched Nudes Week will distribute NUDES weekly.

The Nudes Army meme site offers a platform for users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return for upvotes from other users. Likewise, users can spend NUDES to downvote meme content submissions. Since the platform launched, it has been host to DogeRift, GhostMarket, and Ethereum Merge reward campaigns.

Fun Facts and Data Campaign

The Fun Facts and Data Tweet initiative launched in Sep. and is currently running with no planned end date. Participants who like, comment, or retweet NudesToken Nudes Army Fun Facts and Data tweets are rewarded with contest entries. Each action will yield the following:

  • One like = one contest entry
  • One comment = two contest entries (only one comment counts per Tweet)
  • One retweet = three contest entries

The NudesToken team will select 10 winners every two weeks and reward each with 10 billion NUDES tokens. The 10 most recent Fun Facts and Data Tweet winners were announced on the NudesToken Discord server.

Nudes Week Campaign

The Nudes Week campaign requires participants to post memes on the Nudes Army memesite, based on a daily theme. Winners will receive an even share from a pool of US $420 in NUDES tokens. The NudesToken team notes that the rewards might be adjusted alongside broader market conditions. The daily themes are:

  • Monday Blues
  • Tuesday NewsDay
  • IRL Wednesday
  • Thursday BurnDay
  • Food Friday
  • Saturday love
  • Sunday Funday

Anyone with a NudesArmy account can participate in both campaigns.

More information about the Nudes Week initiative can be found at the link below: