The NudesToken team is hosting a meme contest offering an equivalent of up to US $10,000 in rewards comprising various NEP-17 tokens. Qualifying meme submissions include any related to DogeRift and uploaded to the Nudes.Army website. The contest is live and will run through June 30. Votes will be tallied on July 1.

To participate, users must first connect their Twitter account with the Nudes.Army website. Then, they can upload meme-based images or videos up to 10 MB in size. When entering a meme for the contest, users must provide a title and select the “DogeRift [CONTEST]” category.

Once the meme has been uploaded, the entrant must then Tweet a link to their meme using the following text template:

Look at this #meme I created for the @SendnudesToken x @DogeRift contest where there’s $10,000 USD in prizes!

Check out my meme here: LINK TO MEME

#contest #giveaway #NudesArmy #DogeRift $NUDES $DOGER #crypto #memes

The NudesToken team suggests participants use the referral link (purple link icon) from their uploaded meme on the website, as it rewards the meme creator whenever anyone clicks it.

Source: NudesArmy

Once the meme has been uploaded, Nudes.Army platform users can upvote or downvote the submission using NUDES tokens. When NUDES are used to upvote a submission, 60% will go to the creator, 20% will be burned, and 20% will go into a forthcoming single-stake fund. When NUDES are used to downvote a submission, 80% will be burned and 20% will go to the fund.

The top 10 DogeRift-focused memes with the most votes (upvotes minus downvotes) will receive prizes, with first place winning an equivalent of $2,500 in tokens, and tenth place winning $100. NudesArmy Hired Gun NFT and OG NFT holders will receive a multiplier on their earnings of 1.05x and 1.1x, respectively.

The NudesToken team recently changed rules for users who vote for their own submission. Self-voting is still allowed, but those who vote for their submissions will not receive any new NUDES tokens for voting on themselves. Instead, 80% will be burnt, and 20% will go to the forthcoming single-stake fund.

Alongside rewards for creating DogeRift-inspired memes, NudesToken will also airdrop 1 trillion NUDES to users who completed at least one daily task before Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Daily task examples include making, sharing, voting, and commenting on memes, or inviting friends. The 1 trillion NUDES will be split evenly amongst all qualifying wallets.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: