NudesToken has launched a “meme-to-earn” website and two NFT collections, Nudes Army OG and Hired Guns. Initially, the MemeSite will be usable by meme creators and consumers but will expand its services to offer advertisements for other projects.

The Nudes Army MemeSite offers a platform for users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return for upvotes from other users. Likewise, users can spend NUDES to downvote meme content submissions. However, the meme creator will not receive any of these tokens as rewards.

A portion of any NUDES used to upvote or downvote content will be burnt, and a portion will go into a forthcoming single-stake fund. The image below showcases NUDES allocations when voting.

Source: Nudes Army

Wallets holding a Nudes Army OG NFT will pay reduced fees when voting on meme content.

Nudes Army OG NFTS

The Nudes Army OG NFT is a limited edition item that will offer future benefits for token holders, such as airdrops. There is a total supply of 100, with 80 up for sale and 20 reserved for future contests and giveaways.

Each Nudes Army OG NFT costs 1 trillion NUDES (approximately US $4,600 at the time of press). Alongside early access to future advancements, owners of OG NFTs will receive a 50% reduction to voting fees on the MemeSite, stackable for each NFT owned.

A 20% royalty fee is also included in the smart contract. Each time the OG NFT is sold or traded, 50% of the royalty will be burnt and 50% sent to the NUDES single-stake fund.

Hired Guns NFTs

The Hired Guns NFT series offers token holders access to a special channel on the Nudes Army Discord server. The channel will be the home to announcements of opportunities for creators to make memes in exchange for NUDES tokens.

The Hired Guns NFTs has a total supply of 10 billion. The cost to mint a Hired Gun NFT is 2 billion NUDES tokens (approximately $10 at the time of press), and any NUDES spent on purchasing an NFT from this series will be burnt. However, creators can also earn a Hired Gun NFT if they make a meme that results in the burning of 2 billion or more NUDES in fees generated from voting.

Once a Nudes Army Hired Gun NFT has been minted, it can’t be transferred out of the wallet. It will remain permanently attached to that address.

To begin voting for memes, visit the link below: