Neo Global Development launched the second round of Neospective with over US $2,000 worth of prizes. In round two, the Neo community’s task is to create a mascot for the Launchpad series of hackathons. The winning mascot has the opportunity to serve as an ambassador of the Launchpad events moving forward. If popular, it could even be made into an NFT and physical doll series. Interested contributors have until June 5, 2022, to enter their submissions.

NGD hosted daily Office Hours in the final week leading up to the end of the hackathon phase of the Polaris Launchpad. Office Hour mentors included:

  • Harry Pierson, NGD Enterprise
  • Tyler Adams, COZ
  • Stanislav Bogatyrev, Neo SPCC
  • Guil. Sperb Machado, AxLabs
  • Yannick Koitzsch, Neo Candy/Neo Lend/NekoHit
  • Michael Fabozzi, RentFuse
  • William Song, Lyrebird

Neo was announced as a diamond sponsor of the BlockDown 2022 conference taking place in Croatia May 11 through 13. Neo ecosystem members speaking at the event include NGD Ecosystem Growth lead Lili Zhao and AxLabs founder Guil. Sperb Machado.

NGD EG lead Lili Zhao was featured in a CryptoSlate interview entitled ‘Is Neo the one? Misconceptions of the Neo Smart Economy.’ Zhao discussed the philosophy of the smart economy, the features of the Neo N3 blockchain, the distributed nature of Neo’s developer community, and the tokenization of assets.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released the second episode of the first series of the Smart Economy Podcast. In episode two of the DAO series, Guil. Sperb Machado and Claude Müller, senior software engineers at AxLabs, joined to talk about the recently launched GrantShares DAO. Other discussion topics include open-source tooling for developers, a general overview of DAOs, why GrantShares was created, how its funding proposal process will work, and much more.

Humswap is launching its NFT staking feature, planned to go live at 2:30 a.m. (UTC) on May 19, 2022. Staking will be available for the BOWL collection, with plans to enable this functionality for the Ants and Tiger NFT collections. When staking a BOWL NFT, users will receive HUMS NEP-17 token rewards. When unstaking BOWLs, there will be no lock-up period, allowing users to move or trade the NFT immediately.

Developer Groups

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.12.8, which implemented Dora as the default chain explorer, and fixed bugs in QR code features and wallet recovery.

AxLabs released neow3j v3.17, adding new features introduced in the latest Neo update and reworking the behavior of the Java assert statement when compiled for NeoVM. Other notable changes include support for the Neo Express fast-forward feature, allowing developers to easily test time-based contract executions.


May 2, Flamingo released an overview of the FLM token economic model, focusing on the token’s inflation rate. Since Oct. 2020, approximately 342 million FLM have been minted and are in circulation. At a hard-capped supply of 1 billion, the remaining FLM will be released over the next 17 years. Currently, FLM’s inflation rate is 3.2%, representing the amount of FLM released annually divided by the current circulating supply.

May 2, Mercurial Apps released the N3 NFT Tracker, an all-in-one data aggregator for NFT projects and marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem. The N3 NFT Tracker features statistics from Neo’s NFT marketplaces such as GhostMarket, Sky Hut, and TOTHEMOON. It also allows users to browse information on NFT Collections from various projects, including the ability to filter and sort via various attributes and metadata.

May 4, TranslateMe added the Swahili language to its API.

May 5, TOTHEMOON announced it is working with Program-Ace, a research and development software development company based in Europe. As part of the collaboration, the gaming division, Game-Ace, will help develop TTM’s “The Colonization” game. Initially, TTM planned on releasing a 2D version of its multiplayer game but now intends to deliver a total 3D experience built on the Unity engine. Once live, various mini-games and The Village will be accessible via the 3D open world on a mobile phone or desktop computer.

May 5, Lyrebird announced a USDL stablecoin reverse liquidity pool will launch on Flamingo between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Monday, May 9. The FRP-FLM-USDL pool will be seeded with 50,000 USDL tokens, allocated from the genesis mint of 10 million, paired with an equivalent value in FLM. Lyrebird also distributed its first locked airdrop to wallets that have staked LRB. Each wallet received 20% of the staked LRB, resulting in an airdrop of approximately 150,000 LRB.

May 6, NudesToken launched a “meme-to-earn” website and two NFT collections, Nudes Army OG and Hired Guns. The Nudes Army MemeSite offers a platform for users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return for upvotes from other users. A portion of any NUDES used to upvote or downvote content will be burnt, and a portion will go into a forthcoming single-stake fund. The Nudes Army OG NFT is a limited edition item that will offer future benefits for token holders (i.e., airdrops, reduced fees). The Hired Guns NFT series offers token holders access to a special channel on the Nudes Army Discord server offering opportunities for creators to make memes in exchange for NUDES.

May 8, NudesToken conducted a snapshot of Nudes Army OG NFT holders and announced plans to airdrop 1 trillion NUDES tokens the following week.


May 11: Guil. Sperb Machado joining ‘DAOs: Ideology and Use Cases’ panel at BlockDown 2022.

May 12: Lili Zhao delivering a presentation entitled ‘Value Creation in the Smart Economy’ at BlockDown 2022.