COZ has released v0.10.0 of its Python compiler for Neo N3. In the new update, Boa received a range of new functionality, including interfaces for native contracts and support for ECDSA verification interops.

The new interfaces are designed to simplify calls to methods in various native contracts when writing Python contracts. Examples are hash functions in the CryptoLib, serialization and type conversion methods in the StdLib, and other functions across the NEO/GAS token, Policy, ContractManagement, RoleManagement, and Ledger native contracts.

Other improvements include sequence slicing using strides, support for string and byte values when using the max builtin method, which previously only supported integer types. Support for wild card imports and user-defined classes were also implemented.

Boa v0.10.0 also fixed a number of bugs, such as functions in different scopes with the same name not working and an error with bytecode generation.

The new update can be installed easily via pip by following the guide here. Alternatively, the updated changelog and source can be found at the link below: