Neo co-founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, are hosting in an upcoming Ask Me Anything that will take place on the r/Neo sub-Reddit. Participants can submit questions beginning Thursday, Sep. 23 until the submission cutoff at 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on Sep. 28. Da and Zhang will be responding to questions from 7:00 – 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, Sep. 28.

Neo Global Development will award the 20 best questioners with a Neoverse blind box NFT.

General AMA guidelines include:

  • Not answering questions before Zhang or Da have responded.
  • Being precise and not repeating the same questions others have asked.
  • Asking a maximum of two questions.

Questions regarding token price or non-Neo N3 topics will not be answered.

About Neoverse Blind Boxes

Neoverse is a collectable blind box NFT event to celebrate the launch of the Neo N3 MainNet.

A total of 27,000 blind boxes are available, each containing one of nine elemental pieces representing major technical features of the Neo N3 blockchain (I.e., single block finality, native oracles, decentralized storage, etc.). Once users have collected all nine N3 Element NFT pieces, they can burn them to mint a special N3 Collector’s Edition NFT.

Three NFT artists have each contributed three unique pieces of artwork, creating a total of nine N3 Collector’s Edition NFTs in the Neoverse.

The AMA can be found at the link below: