NGD has launched its NFT mint and collection event, Neoverse, opening the doors for users to buy, trade, and win various collectable NFTs. Users can join the event by acquiring blind boxes through direct purchase, secondary market purchase on Ghostmarket, or by receiving airdrops from ecosystem activities.

Each of the 27,000 Blind Box NFTs, priced at 2 GAS each, can be opened by their owner to mint one of nine N3 Element NFTs. These fragments each represent one of the key pieces of functionality of the N3 network, such as NeoFS, Oracle, and One Block Finality. Buying 10 blind boxes at once will grant two bonus boxes.

A full set of 9 different Element NFTs can then be burned to mint an official N3 Collector’s Edition NFT. These come in three series, detailed below. Which series the generated NFT is likely to be in depends on a formula driven primarily by the serial numbers of the burned Elements.

Collector’s Edition

Collector’s Edition NFTs are scarce and feature artwork by world-renowned NFT artists. These special NFTs are divided into the N, E, and O series, and each series has three associated artwork varieties. In the future, these NFTs will also be used to grant the owner special “VIP” privileges within the Neo ecosystem.

The N series is designed by award-winning illustrator & CGI artist Aleksandr Kuskov. In the Neo World series, the three works, Aeras, Nero, and Xira, represent air, sea, and land. 33, 33, and 34 of these variants will be minted for a total of 100 N series NFTs.

Aeras by Aleksandr Kuskov

The E series was created by Chen Bin, a renowned space artist who worked on various famous IPs, including The Matrix. The three Neotopia works, Core, Noiz, and Zion, represent the technological world of the future and Neo’s position within it. Of these, 66, 66, and 67 will be minted, for a total of 200.

Noiz by Chen Bin

Finally, the O series was created by algorithmic art expert and early NFT pioneer Reva. The N3 core series represents three key aspects of Neo, interoperability, composability, and scalability, across three pieces: Interopa, Composa, and Scala. Of these, 900 NFTs of each may be minted for a total of 2700.

Composa by Reva

Burning Elements

To generate a Collector’s Edition NFT, a user will need to burn one of each Element NFT. Each Element has a randomly generated serial number, and the sum of these serial numbers heavily influences the series to be minted.

If the sum of serial numbers is less than or equal to 4816, an N-series NFT is likely to be minted. If the sum is between 4817 and 6411, an E-series is more likely. Over 6412, an O-series is the most common result. The type minted within a series rotates according to the order of the mint.

All the NFTs minted in the event, including blind boxes, N3 Elements, and Collector’s Edition tokens, can be traded on Ghostmarket: