COZ has released Mamba v2.0.0, providing an array of enhancements to the SDK. Developers will find opcode generation improvements, 1-of-n multisig support in the ChainFacade, and compatibility with Python 3.11.

The milestone update introduces changes to all core components, including bug fixes and new features. Mamba’s wallet functionality was expanded with a utility for converting public key to script hash, and a fix was pushed to accommodate wallet loading from a file in the case where multiple accounts have passwords. The fix is noted to be a breaking change.

VM improvements include the new opcodes PUSHT & PUSHF, support for pushing dictionaries in ScriptBuilder, a script generation improvement with Sequence types, and a stack limit for iterator unwrapping. The backwards option in the Find system call was also implemented.

The most notable API adjustment was a fix for signing transactions with 1-of-n multisig accounts. This makes it possible to control the genesis wallet that would be found when using a single-node network, such as in a local development environment. However, m-of-n multisig (where m is two or higher) remains unsupported at this time due to a combination of additional complexity and lack of demand.

Other API updates include a new helper for unwrapping values as bytes and the addition of the data argument on transfer_friendly.

The full changelog may be read at the following link: