COZ has released Neon Wallet v2.11 with a number of key upgrades to its WalletConnect implementation. The initial implementation worked for basic applications, such as voting, but could not be used with multi-invoke transactions or in some applications due to a limited number of supported witness scopes.

The v2.11 release brings support for multi-invokes and custom signature scopes when using WalletConnect. With these features in place, most dApps in the ecosystem will be able to complete their integrations with Neon Wallet. Ledger users will also find that this functionality works with their devices out of the box.

Shortly after the launch, GhostMarket became the first N3 dApp to support Neon Wallet. Other applications that want to connect with Neon Wallet users can get started using COZ’s WalletConnect SDK. An integration guide has been made available here.

Users that vote in N3 governance with Neon Wallet will be able to continue using the Quickvote portal until the official Neo voting portal adds WalletConnect support.

The latest version of Neon Wallet can be downloaded from the link below: