Flamingo Finance is launching an FLM Hodler Program, designed to offer FLM token holders various types of benefits. Examples include exclusive access to Discord channels and roles, contests for program members, and other yet-to-be-determined perks. Additionally, Flamingo is hosting a community campaign that will reward participants with a Neoverse blindbox, and was recently voted onto the Neo Council.

FLM Hodler Program

The FLM Hodler program will place token holders into tiers based on the amount of FLM owned. Qualifying FLM holdings include amounts held in wallets, pools, as well as any that are unclaimed. Thresholds for each tier of the program are as follows:

  • Captain’s Club: 1,000,000 FLM
  • Yacht Club: 100,000 FLM
  • Boat Club: 10,000 FLM
  • Canoe Club: 1,000 FLM
  • Boathouse: 1 FLM

Further, wallets that also hold an N-, E-, or O-series Neoverse NFT will receive additional FLM value in the program. The Neoverse series NFTs will be equivalent to the following amount of FLM:

  • N-series: Neo World – 100,000 FLM
  • E-series: Neotopia – 50,000 FLM
  • O-series: N3 Core – 5,000 FLM

Among the first benefits implemented as part of the FLM Hodler Program is the integration of special roles on the official Flamingo Discord server. Users are placed in groups according to their rank and granted access to exclusive channels.

Alongside the FLM Hodler Program, Flamingo is also implementing a reward system for users, called Floyalty points. Floyalty points can be used for minting NFTs with special utility, purchasing from a forthcoming merchandise store, and gaining access to special features on the DeFi platform. More information will be released closer to the tentative Floyalty program launch in Q1 2022.

Neoverse Blindbox Giveaway

Flamingo is launching a community campaign, rewarding each of the top 50 ranked participants with four Neoverse blindbox NFTs. To participate, the user must first register in the Hodler Program, so that Flamingo can keep track of points aggregated via wallet-based activity.

To win the blindboxes, participants will need to accrue the most points before 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022. Points are earned according to the following:

  • 1 point: each day a wallet is staking in any FLM pool
  • 1 point: each time a wallet bids on an NFT on GhostMarket with FLM
  • 3 points: each time a wallet buys or sells an NFT on GhostMarket
  • 5 points: each valid entry into the Neospective contest

The blindbox giveaway competition leaderboards can be found on Discord and are updated every hour.

Council election

Flamingo was also recently elected onto the Neo Council. The DeFi team joins other members such as AxLabs, COZ, Neo SPCC, Neo News Today, Switcheo Labs, Nash, in being able to vote and amend network settings.

At the time of writing, Flamingo has 607,400 votes and sits in rank 16.

More information about the Hodler Program can be found at the link below: