The F27 development team have released a July 2018 report, which features its first two NEO blockchain projects, HappyNodes and NEO-Watcher. The report opened with some introductory remarks regarding developments in the NEO ecosystem over the last month, before leading into some information on the HappyNodes and NEO-Watcher services.


During the month of July, F27 released 3 updates to the HappyNodes network monitor that were designed to increase functionality and allow it to scale and handle more users. A full list of changes can be found in the official report, but the core changes that extend the functionality beyond that of City Of Zion’s neo-mon are as follows:

  1. Creation of a database to store historic information about a node’s performance over time. By comparison, neo-mon is a light app and only issues client-side calls rather than storing information long term
  2. HappyNodes tracks the nodes that each node is connected with, allowing them to produce a visual graph of the NEO Network
  3. In v0.9.0, the team added a P2P monitoring feature that allows them to differentiate between RPC nodes, and nodes that also have P2P-outbound functionality. In this context, P2P nodes help communicate blocks with other nodes, whereas non-P2P nodes only receive information and do not share it.
  4. Added a Node Discovery function in v1.1.0, allowing the list of known nodes to be extended from 30 to over 90. Over 500 nodes are currently stored in the HappyNodes database, but not all of these nodes are active or kept up to date. Since August 1st, around 50 of the 90 nodes are up to date and constantly within 0-1 blocks.

The HappyNodes team has also secured additional support from NEO Global Development following their victory in the London Hackathon, and the main GitHub repository has been moved under neo-ngd. As an open-source project, F27 encourages contributors from the community to help improve the service.


NEO-Watcher is the second project from the F27 team, created by developer Wy as a way to track when NEO or GAS was entering or leaving one of his multiple addresses without constantly needing to keep wallets open. The service operates over the Telegram messaging app under the name @neo_watcher_bot, and allows users to subscribe to messages for any NEO addresses of interest. Only a public address is required to join the service, which will provide notifications when the NEO or GAS balances for that address are changed. NEP-5 tokens are not currently supported.

HappyNodes can be found at