Zeepin recently released its community update which highlights the release of its Zeepin Chain white paper, and successful early bird round of GalaBox crowdfunding. The community update was released on the heels of a previous announcement covered by NEO News Today, that Zeepin Chain will consolidate its dual-chain model into a single chain. The Zeepin platform aims to feature a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) that will assist creators with common issues surrounding intellectual property rights, insurance, staffing, project management, crowdfunding, and monetization.


The Zeepin Chain white paper was released on August 8th, which describes its aim to integrate in-system and third-party gaming assets, a free trading market, and exchange into one platform. Additionally, through the application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), Zeepin Chain will be able to provide copyright protection, asset-transaction validation and gaming services. The whitepaper also discusses dApps, development of the ecosystem, management models, economic models, and a roadmap.

The white paper can be read by following the link below:


The Zeepin team recently concluded its early bird crowdfunding round, the first of four rounds for the GalaBox. GalaBox is a cloud storage and mining machine for distributed, and encrypted storage of data and infrastructure services indispensable to the Zeepin public chain. Individuals who own and maintain a GalaBox will receive rewards by a) renting out the storage space on their machine, and b) through mining the Zeepin token (ZPT).

Users who wish to participate will need to lock up their tokens for an 18-month period in order to purchase a GalaBox. The first round of backing recently concluded with 2.69 million ZPT secured through 190 participants.

The schedule and cost for the following three phases is as follows:

  • First Phase: August 14th through 15th – 5,250 ZPT for 1 GalaBox
  • Second Phase: August 16th through 20th – 5,500 ZPT for 18-months for 1 GalaBox
  • Third Phase: August 21st through 25th – 5,750 ZPT for 18-months for 1 GalaBox

To learn more about the GalaBox visit the following link:

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