Neo News Today grant recipient Robert Oschler has published the second installment of a video series intended to guide developers through the process of migrating an Ethereum Solidity application to Neo N3. The new video introduces difference in usage of persistent storage.

The first video provided an introduction to the series and a background on the dApp, Ethereum Band Battles, which will be ported from Solidity to C# for use on NeoVM. In the new episode, Oschler begins the journey of developing Neo N3 smart contracts using the C# programming language and Visual Studio Code.

The video demonstrates the initial project setup process using the Neo Blockchain Toolkit. Following, lesson two covers the difference between how persistent storage is accessed in EVM and NeoVM. Oschler provides examples for creating static contract variables, storage maps, and iterators.

Developers interested in joining future interactive labs for the series can sign up for the mailing list here. Before starting lesson two, users should view the introduction video and run through the basic C# smart contract quickstarts from NGD Enterprise to get a basic overview of the tools and ensure correct installation.