Neo News Today has distributed its first grant to Robert Oschler, a natural language processing developer based in Idaho, USA. Oschler was introduced to the Neo ecosystem during the Neo Frontier Launchpad event.

Oschler came to Neo with previous experience in the Ethereum ecosystem, having built a dApp called Ethereum Band Battles. The dApp was created for a blockchain-based development competition that was hosted by musician, Pitbull. Oschler was a finalist in the competition, flying to Miami to present in front of the Grammy award-winning musician.

Oschler eventually put the project on hold as blockchain fees on the Ethereum network rendered the dApp unviable.

As part of the grant, Oschler will migrate the application to Neo, documenting his journey throughout a series of videos to be posted on a YouTube channel. Oschler intends to walk developers through learning the tools and features of Neo N3, including how to convert Solidity code to C# while also showing the differences between the Truffle suite and the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VSCode.

Oschler will also cover using neon-js on a backend server, using WalletConnect to invoke transactions, and how to perform client-side blockchain calls.

The end result will be a new dApp called Neo Band Battles that will be released as open-source as a reference to other Ethereum developers coming to Neo N3. Oschler said:

“I am excited that Neo News Today has provided the means for me to port Ethereum Band Battles to my favorite blockchain platform, Neo N3. Even better, I get to show my fellow Ethereum developers why I moved to N3, and in a way that matters to them the most, by giving them the tools they need to make that journey with me. My upcoming educational videos and labs will show them the power and convenience of the N3 toolset so they can see for themselves N3’s superior performance, remarkable infrastructure, and reasonable transaction fees. Best of all, along with N3’s support for the most popular programming languages like Python, Java, Go and more, they will soon share the competitive advantages I now enjoy in developing dApps, thanks to N3’s unparalleled support for .NET and C#.”

Oschler’s first video is available on YouTube now, where he introduces the dApp that he will begin porting to Neo N3 in subsequent episodes.

Oschler also plans on hosting live streaming sessions for developers to come together and ask questions as he works on his dApp. Oschler has established an email subscription list for interested individuals.

NNT founder, Dean Jeffs, had the following to say about the project:

“We’re pleased to provide this opportunity to Robert and look forward to following his journey. People learn in all sorts of ways. Giving Robert the freedom to explore Neo N3 further and share his experience with others will hopefully create a valuable resource for future developers, all while giving Robert the chance to advance a project he is passionate about.”

Neo News Today’s Developer Grant Initiative

In Aug. 2021, NNT was selected by the Neo Foundation to be among the first 21 Neo Council members for Neo N3. Neo Council members receive a split of the 10% of newly generated GAS on N3. NNT is actively investing portions of the rewards back into funding initiatives that will benefit the community and ecosystem growth.

As a first initiative, NNT is offering two grants of $4,000 each to developers who would like to explore building on Neo N3 and share their experiences.

NNT is still accepting and reviewing applications for the final available grant. Interested developers are encouraged to apply at the link below: