As we announced previously in our open letter to the community, Neo News Today is very honored to be selected by the Neo Foundation as one of the initial Neo Council members for Neo N3.

Our position as a Neo Council member entitles us to a percentage of GAS rewards. We only remain a Neo Council member with the support of NEO token holders, and we want to repay your faith in us by putting portions of these rewards back into the growth of the Neo ecosystem.

As our first initiative, we’re offering US $8,000 in grants to developers who would like to explore building on Neo N3 for the first time. Two grants of $4,000 each are available, directly funded through our Neo Council rewards.


Who should apply?

Neo is looking to attract new developers with new ideas to the ecosystem. In this case, we’re specifically looking for developers who have experience in other blockchain ecosystems.

You can think of it as a research and development grant. We want to give you freedom to explore the Neo platform in a practical way and be rewarded for it.

What would this look like? It’s really up to you.

Mostly, we are just asking you to get your hands dirty with Neo’s features and really test its capabilities, such as decentralized storage and native oracles.

We want you to try writing Neo smart contracts in a language you already know, such as C#, Python, Go, Java, or Typescript.

And we want you to do it using Neo’s developer tools such as the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VS Code, the Neo Python Suite, NeoGo, Neow3j, and others.

If you’re a developer who has always been curious about Neo, this may be the opportunity you’re looking for. Perhaps you’ve already been thinking about porting your project to a new chain, and this gives you a chance to see if Neo fits. Maybe you have a dApp idea and this is just the boost you need to get started. Maybe you’re a contract development shop and would like to fund some R&D to expand your internal skill set.

There is no requirement for you to produce a dApp, but applicants who have specific goals or deliverables in mind will be looked upon more favorably. Building an example dApp would be great, but so would be creating example contracts, tutorials, research papers, or anything else you feel might culminate from your work.

Ultimately, we’re looking for energetic and inquisitive minds who would like to take this opportunity and have some fun with it.


You will be expected to complete your exploration and development over a one month period.

As a condition of the grant, you will be required to provide objective reporting of your research and development back to the community. We are interested in hearing about your experiences using Neo, what you learned about the blockchain, its tools, and your thoughts on its capabilities.

This information will not only be useful to other developers who may consider Neo as a candidate for their next project, but will also provide valuable feedback that will help Neo’s developer community improve the overall platform.

You are welcome to pitch to us how you would like to provide your reports. For example, you may want to provide regular updates on the Neo Reddit, engage your existing social following, create video blogs, or otherwise. We are open to your suggestions.

The three factors that will most influence our grant selection process will be:

  • Previous blockchain experience
  • Your ideas for how you intend to explore Neo
  • How you plan to communicate your experience

How to apply

All interested developers are welcome to apply through the Google Form linked here.

Grants will be paid out in equivalent cryptocurrency.

To all existing NEO holders, please consider supporting Neo News Today when choosing your Neo Council representative. With your support, we hope to provide many more initiatives such as this in the future.