NNT has deployed a new batch of improvements to GasBot, a Neo onboarding service that adds GAS tipping functionality to the Neo subreddit. Support for commands in private messages with the GasBot and a new direct send command are the most notable features in the recent update.

Users can access the bot’s functionality by sending commands directly to the user “gas_bot” with Reddit’s private message feature. The command must be added in the message body in order to be processed. All standard commands are supported except the tip command, which continues to only function in replies to posts/comments on /r/NEO.

The send command is another recent addition. GasBot users can use it to transfer GAS directly to another Neo N3 address. The format of the command is: !send address amount. As an alternative to tipping, this feature makes it easy to send GAS to another wallet, exchange, or possibly even smart contracts that use onNEP17Payment functionality.

Send doesn’t replace the withdraw command, which can still be used to withdraw a user’s full GAS balance from the bot and transfer it to a specified address. In the future, expect to see the send command updated with support for additional NEP-17 and even NEP-11 tokens, opening up use cases for the bot beyond tipping.

More information about the GasBot and a user guide can be found at the link below: