Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for Oct. and Nov. 2021, which offered an overview of migration to N3, governance actions, community engagement, ecosystem growth, and development progress. 

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released a series of Year in Review articles that showcased community outreach, development achievements, and insights from Neo community members.

The 2021 Community Engagement Year in Review highlighted the slow return of conferences, meet-ups, and international travel as the world dealt with COVID-19. Following the launch of Neo N3, the level of community engagement sharply increased as Neo began work to attract new developers, projects, and users. In the months that followed, Neo held dozens of AMAs, interviews, podcasts, video appearances, DevLog sessions, and competitions.

The 2021 Core and Community Development Year in Review broke down developments quarterly, highlighting core protocol improvements and infrastructure development from developer communities like COZ, Neo SPCC, NGD Enterprise, NEXT, Red4Sec, and AxLabs. Based on the last year of development, users can expect new innovative new tools along with features and optimizations at the protocol level.

And, the 2021 Reflections from the Neo Community showcased personal reflections from representatives across the Neo ecosystem. Participants include Erik Zhang (Neo Foundation), John deVadoss (NGD Enterprise), Odd Jørgen Røland (Flamingo), Vincent Geneste (GhostMarket), Michael Fabozzi (Rentfuse), Tyler Adams (COZ), Guil. Sperb Machado (AxLabs), Songping Que (NGD), and Brett Rhodes (NNT).


Dec. 27, Flamingo announced the four winners of its GhostMarket NFT trading competition. Winners must contact the team on the official Flamingo Discord channel to claim their prize.

Dec. 28, TOTHEMOON released an article outlining the “New Moon” Character attributes and supply, which offered an overview of the various characteristics and traits of the NFT Character types.

Dec. 28, Flamingo launched an analytics page for its DeFi platform, which shows the current prices of listed assets, total liquidity, 24-hour trading volume, and fees accrued across various liquidity pools.

Dec. 29, TOTHEMOON released an article outlining the metaverse game’s Item attributes and supply, which denoted the amount and characteristics of various Item NFTs that will be found within the game. 

Dec. 30, GhostMarket announced it will conduct an initial DEX offering of its GM token via Flamingo on Jan. 10, 2022, becoming the first project to use Flamingo’s new IDO module. A total of two million GM will be available for purchase using fUSDT at $0.13 per token.

Dec. 30, NeoBurger launched a dashboard page that includes the bNEO total supply, daily GAS rewards, and details on which nodes NeoBurger is voting for. 

Dec. 31, Flamingo launched a merchandise store where users can purchase clothing, coffee mugs, water bottles, stickers, and other goods with FLM.

Jan. 1, Flamingo released a look back on 2021, which noted the transition to new management, creating new liquidity pools per community suggestion, becoming a Neo Council member, the launch of the IDO platform, and releasing a mobile app. 

Jan. 1, Rentfuse released NEONOVA, an open-source web application that helps developers perform common contract operations (i.e., invocations, updates, deploy). The app is production-ready and integrates Rentfuse’s other wallet package, Neo Wallet Adapter.

Jan. 2, FLM minting was completely migrated to N3, with no new FLM minted on Legacy moving forward.