AxLabs has updated GrantShares with a number of new tools to improve the platform’s usability and transparency. The changes bring enhancements to proposal creation, management, navigation, as well as new interfaces for users to view system information.

The platform has continued to attract attention from builders, with new proposals opening for discussion over the past month covering topics such as rewards, marketing, and cross-chain accessibility.

One of the most immediately noticeable improvements for new proposal authors is the updated Proposal Editor. The original markdown editor has been replaced with a Microsoft Word-style WYSIWYG, allowing users to easily format their content in a familiar way.

Proposal authors also requested the ability to edit proposals directly. This avoids the need for proposals to be closed and re-created when making minor modifications. This feature has now been implemented, enabling authors to more easily adjust their proposals based on feedback received from GrantShares members in the discussion phase.

As a primarily on-chain application, internal GrantShares data is available to anyone with the ability to read data from the blockchain. However, to make life a little easier for those without the time or know-how, AxLabs has been working on new pages to present the most useful information to users.

This initiative began with the addition of the Treasury page in August. Since then, the team has also added the Members page, where users can view the list of GrantShares members and their participation records, and the Parameters page, which shares the current values for contract-level settings used by the platform.

Other improvements include proposal filtering and sorting tools in the overview page, and the addition of a timeline component on each proposal detail page which displays the proposal’s current status.

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