Forthewin Network has shared cryptic information regarding utility associated with the newly released Neo Boyz NFT series. It has also released a rarity tool on the FTW website, allowing users to search and browse minted NFTs according to traits.

The launch of FTW’s latest NFT series has been accompanied by a narrative describing Neo Boyz as hackers attempting to infiltrate the FTW network. In an update posted on the FTW Medium, the team “speculates” that the characters are trying to access farms to acquire NEP tokens for a mission. It then goes on to conclude that Neo Boyz thrive in team settings, suggesting that users may need to acquire multiple NFTs to fully benefit from any forthcoming utility.

FTW has broken Neo Boyz down into three tiers according to particular traits:

Tier 1

  • Bear Boyz – wearing a Bear Hoodie, described as the most skillful
  • Hacker Boyz – wearing a Hacker Hoodie, described as the most hungry

Tier 2

  • Astronaut Boyz – wearing a Spacesuit, described as the most capable
  • Outlaw Boyz – wearing an Outlaw Shirt, described as the most agile

Tier 3

  • FTW/Rune Boyz – wearing any FTW/Rune clothing, described as the most knowledgeable
  • Neo Boyz – wearing a Neo Shirt, described as possessing the most intelligence
  • General Boyz – comprising any three Neo Boyz characters, described as having the will power required to succeed

No further information has yet been provided on how tiers function or how the Neo Boyz can be used in conjunction with the FTW platform, but subsequent updates are promised by “The IT Team.”

To assist with browsing Neo Boyz NFTs, FTW has released a tool that enables filtering of all 139 possible attributes. Users can see the rarity of each attribute by percentage, such as clothing type, accessories, backgrounds, etc, and view all minted NFTs that possess the selected trait.

The Neo Boyz mint began on Friday, Nov. 11, with a max supply of 3,333 NFTs. Each mint carries a cost of 5,000 NEP per mint, with 2,592 still available at the time of writing.

More information can be found at the below link: