General Updates

Flamingo Finance added the BNB token and new LPs to Neo’s DeFi platform. FLM minting distribution rates will also change on a per-pool basis, alongside the launch of a new set of Reverse Pools. The announcement is the first of four “waves,” each representing updates to the platform’s LPs, FLM reward distributions, and new token listings. Looking forward, the Flamingo team intends to launch the FUSD stablecoin.

Forthewin Network published cryptic information regarding utility associated with the newly released Neo Boyz NFT series, suggesting that the characters can assist in acquiring NEP from farms. It has also released a rarity tool on the FTW website, allowing users to search and browse minted NFTs according to traits.

SeQure-AI added support for the Neo blockchain to provide protection against comprehensive attacks using cryptographic protocols, key management systems, and AI. SeQure-AI states the entity offers more than 35 solutions for over ten hacking types through systematic study of more than 100 massive hacking events.

Neo News Today participated in a GhostMarket Twitter space to discuss NNT editor Dylan Grabowski’s background and entrance into the blockchain space, the features and benefits of the Neo blockchain, why new NFT artists should consider Neo, and ways the community can stick together during turbulent market cycles.

Unlocking The Chain released an in-depth video overview of Neo Soccer, a club management simulation game that requires bNEO to purchase or loan squad members, managers, and stadiums in order to compete against teams established by other users.

Mercurial Apps added support for Neo Soccer on its NFT tracker website. The information displayed includes the number of players, managers, and stadiums minted on the platform, and the number of clubs.

DefiLlama added support for GhostMarket’s GFUND to the TVL aggregator and statistics platform.

Web3 Italia hosted its second Neo meetup in Rome, Italy. Participants at the event learned about Neo governance rewards, DeFi, and NFTs, as well as how to buy NEO. Unique Web3 Italia NFTs were distributed to attendees at the end of the event.

Meme2Earn (formerly NudesArmy) released statistics about platform usage, showing an increase in users and approximately 30 billion NUDES tokens burnt.

Developer Updates

COZ released the IconDapp smart contract, which leverages the PROPS toolkit to reduce the complexity of adding dApp icon images into applications. The SDK will also be released in the near future.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today launched a two-week GAS distribution campaign to commemorate the launch of the GasBot, giving participants a chance to win a share of 100 GAS per week. Users can enter the drawing by tipping one another using the bot on participating Discord servers. The first draw will be made on Nov. 21, with 10 winners receiving 10 GAS each. A second draw will be made on Nov. 28, with another 10 winners also receiving 10 GAS each.

NNT released episode 19 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Chase Devens, a research analyst at Messari. Discussion topics included Chase’s philosophy on garnering the next wave of Web3 businesses, how the ethos of decentralization shapes Messari’s principles, the process of creating content and information for Messari’s clients, the multi-chain thesis, the role regulations will have in the Web3 space, and more!

AxLabs updated GrantShares with a number of new tools to improve the platform’s usability and transparency. The changes bring enhancements to proposal creation, management, and navigation, as well as new interfaces for users to view system information.

An academic journal on Formal Security Analysis on dBFT Protocol of Neo was published in the Association for Computing Machinery journal. ACM publishes more than 50 scholarly peer-reviewed journals in dozens of computing and information technology disciplines. The article purported to identify two attacks to Neo’s dBFT consensus mechanism, which the team successfully simulated. Neo Global Development accepted the suggested fixes based upon the findings of the authors.


Nov. 14 – 27: GasBot Discord giveaway launch event.

Token Listings

Flamingo listed the BNB token on the DeFi platform.