Neo News Today has drawn the week one winners of its GasBot tipping competition, celebrating the release of the new Discord bot. Throughout the competition, participants have the opportunity to win a share of 200 GAS by sending tokens to one another.

GasBot is designed with crypto non-natives in mind, requiring no wallet setup and allowing users to send and receive tokens using simple commands. Accounts are tied to the Discord user, so deposited tokens can be accessed from any server that has integrated GasBot.

Users can gain entries in the competition draw by tipping other community members. One entry is granted for each tip, up to a limit of three entries per day. The value sent does not affect entries, tips can be made in any of the supported tokens, and users can win more than once.

10 winners are drawn fairly on-chain each week using the Props Collection contract and awarded 10 GAS.

The week one winners can be found below:

  • Zatouroff x 2
  • Boris NEOF1
  • ComradeMilos x 2
  • Aura
  • Freezz
  • kokahunter x 2
  • vincent

Full draw details can be found at this link. All GAS has been deposited into the winning GasBot accounts.

Week two of the competition begins on Nov. 21, with another 100 GAS up for grabs. Community servers currently supporting GasBot include the official Neo server, Neo Force One, Meme2Earn, Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, Neo-Bits, TOTHEMOON, GhostMarket, NeoCandy, and AxLabs.

Week two winners will be drawn on Nov. 28, and week one entries do not roll over into week two.

Further information on GasBot and a server installation link can be found at A introduction video to using the bot can be found below: