Neo community developer Alex Walker has released the Greenfinch API, an HTTP API that aims to make it easy for developers to tap into the power of NeoFS. The Greenfinch API is the first project to be funded by the GrantShares program, and is now available for use in the ecosystem. Its Dropbox-like GUI application recently won Best Middleware Project in the Neo Polaris Launchpad.

A demo video has been provided to demonstrate use of the API. To follow along, users will need a N3 public key and an ID from a NeoFS container created with it. To perform this step, users can run the example Go code provided or create a container using the Greenfinch app, available for Windows and Mac.

Together with the corresponding wallet’s private key (which will never leave the user’s browser), the guide can be followed to upload an object to the container and retrieve it from NeoFS.

The Greenfinch API hides a lot of the low-level complexity involved when using the NeoFS SDK directly. As a standard REST HTTP API, it can be easily interacted with from any programming language or architecture, making it convenient for developers that are not comfortable with Go.

Currently the service operates on the T4 TestNet and allows users to interact with their own containers on NeoFS. As an open-source project, developers are also welcome to deploy their own version of the API for private use. Instructions for doing so are provided alongside the code on GitHub.

In the current version, supported functionality includes uploading simple objects, listing all objects in the container, fetching objects/metadata, and deleting objects. The project roadmap highlights full container management as the next major update, which will allow for easy creation, deletion, and sharing of containers. Other upcoming improvements include support for larger objects, attribute searching, and shared library files (.so) as next steps.

The Greenfinch API joins the Greenfinch app and NeoFS overview documentation as the third major contribution by Walker to the Neo ecosystem, and the service has already seen integration with other Neo projects. The NeoDAO toolkit created for the Polaris hackathon by fellow community developer GptForMe added support for the API to provide easy NeoFS asset hosting to DAOs created with the toolkit.

Developers can get started with the API at the following link: