Neo Global Development is hosting the second and final week of Polaris Launchpad demos from Monday, May 30, 2022, and running through June 2. 22 of the top projects built during the recent hackathon phase are being showcased over a period of two weeks. Each demo day session will run from 2:00 p.m. (UTC) to 3:00 p.m, featuring three to four projects. NGD will record the sessions and upload the videos to the official Neo YouTube channel.

The first week of Polaris Launchpad demo days included:

  • May 23: Superson Solution, NeoEffiSend, and SomniumWave
  • May 24: FindTruman, Feedio, and Planet X
  • May 25: DogeRift, Neo Dashboard, and Pumpkin Swap
  • May 26: Bowerbird, DAO Cake, NeoDao, and LatchBox

Binance Staking secured two positions on the Neo Council. At the time of press, Binance had voted with approximately 2.1 million NEO to secure its places in the Top 21.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss participated in a panel entitled ‘Innovation, Standards, and Regulation: Enabling Digital Assets at Scale’ at the Blockchain Hub in Davos 2022. In the panel, deVadoss discussed his background in standards at Microsoft, that blockchain networks and communities should begin to regulate themselves or that the regulators will impose themselves, comparing the energy use of popular apps to that of proof of work, and much more.

deVadoss also led a workshop on the InterWork Alliance’s Token Taxonomy Framework, which focussed on bridging the gap between the technical aspects of tokenization and business use cases.

Hacash Diamonds joined the Neo Live AMA series to talk about its new NFT project on Neo. In the AMA, founder Ken You spoke about the philosophy behind a proof-of-work NFT collection, development goals for the 1H1B DAO, updates on the number of H and B NFTs minted on Neo, how the team seeks to implement support for Neo, and much more. Participants of the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool comprised of 15 HACD NFTs.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released the first episode of the second series on the Smart Economy Podcast. In episode one of the DeFi series, William Song, Lyrebird founder, joined to talk about Terra’s collapse and how it changed his perception of “defending the peg,” how Lyrebird will adapt and potentially move forward with a fractionally backed stablecoin, the importance of using yield-generating assets for collateral in the Bowerbird lending protocol, using Neo’s native oracle network, and more.

Lyrebird released an article proposing a fractional reserve method for the USDL stablecoin and new incentive structures to combat an algorithmic protocol collapse. By implementing two forms of collateral, Lyrebird aims to give the protocol a better chance to recover if its stablecoin loses the peg to the US dollar. The development team believes it can utilize a fractional reserve model and incentivize token holders to delay USDL redemptions in times of extreme stress to avoid a fate similar to Terra’s.

Developer Groups

COZ released neo-mamba v0.11.0, which includes full support for OS X, and new light wallet CLI examples showing how to deploy a smart contract and transfer NEP-17 tokens.

COZ released Neon Wallet mobile v1.0.29, which added support for new authentication methods via WalletConnect, and included minor bug fixes.

Neo SPCC published an article outlining new protocols and implementations designed to reduce the amount of information about Neo’s state a dApp needs.


May 24, Everstake released a Spanish version of its user guide for voting with the One Gate wallet.

May 25, TOTHEMOON distributed second generation moon creature NFTs to holders of first generation moon creatures.

May 29, Neo Candy released an alpha version of its game Candy Clash, which allows users to mint character NFTs on Neo N3 TestNet. Candy Clash is a risk-based NFT staking game that will implement candy-based art NFTs and DeFi features, integrating them into the gameplay as NFTs that steal or tax yield from other NFTs.

May 29, Forthewin Network announced the winners of its memecoin creation campaign using the FTW Smith feature, which allows any user with a Neo N3 wallet to mint NEP-17 tokens. The top four projects from the campaign will receive NUDES tokens as rewards.


May 30 – June 2: Polaris Launchpad Demo Week.