Andrei Terentiev of O3 Labs recently introduced the O3 Alliance, a new framework designed to improve the reach of dApps in the NEO ecosystem. Following O3’s integration with the Switcheo Exchange, designed to facilitate a simpler trading experience for digital assets on NEO, the O3 Alliance framework intends to remove the need for users to trust applications or other external services with their private keys.

The announcement post explains one of the core issues with dApp development; developers are often required to develop their own wallet for users to access or even test an application. This forces the developer to become responsible for managing and securely storing private keys for their users, and forces users to trust another service with their private key. Generally this results in a bad experience for both parties and could act as a barrier to dApp adoption.

The O3 Alliance aims to resolve this by allowing dApp developers to send their users requests whenever they must sign a transaction, which are then completed using the private key stored on the O3 wallet. This means a user would only need to store their private key on the O3 wallet app, and dApp developers would never gain direct access to the private key. In effect, this would allow a mobile device to function in a similar manner to a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

Alongside the O3 Alliance announcement, Andrei also listed some potential use cases:

  • Accepting NEO, GAS, NEP-5, ONT or ONG payments on a website or app
  • Connecting HTML5 blockchain games to O3, lowering the barrier to entry
  • Connect a DEX directly to O3 for increased liquidity from O3 users
  • Allow for authentication on a website using NEO public addresses
  • Build online tools using balances derived from O3 addresses

O3 Labs have also open-sourced their developer documentation to help dApp developers get started, which can be found here. Alternatively, developers can download the developer Android APK and access O3’s Experimental Browser, which streamlines the linking process for testing purposes.

Anyone with questions regarding O3 are recommended to visit the community forum. More information on O3 can be found at the links below.