The China-based NEO development community NewEconoLabs (NEL) has released its first bi-weekly report for August, featuring news and updates for various NEL projects.

NEL Developer Community Bounty Program

NEL has launched a bounty program, designed to encourage developers to participate in the development of NEL projects. It also aims to encourage more developers to design and develop their own NEO-based projects, and also to promote further community-based NEO economy development. The bounty submission rules and rewards are as follows:

  • Submit issues (text description only) on NEL GitHub

50 NNC awarded for tips or discovery of minor bugs. 100 NNC will be awarded for important advice or discovery of major bugs.

  • Commit pull requests (code contributions) on NEL GitHub

200 NNC is awarded for minor code optimizations. 300 NNC will be awarded for more important code optimizations.

  • Submit a personally designed/developed NEO-based project

1,000 NNC is awarded after committing the project source code to the NEL GitHub.

NEL notes that they will actively monitor GitHub activity and contact developers as necessary. The review cycle will be completed every two weeks, with the bounty awardees being published as part of the NEL bi-weekly report. Bounties will be delivered within one week of the awardee list publication.

NEL Explorer

The date display format has been modified to synchronize with the wallet date format. The English interface is in GMT (UTC + 0), and the Chinese interface uses Beijing time (UTC + 8). The explorer can be found here.

NEODUN Hardware Wallet

The English font display method has been replaced. Previously, NEODUN used the ASCII8*16 font library for English characters, however as NEODUN does not use an operating system, the font is not optimized. This causes all displayed letters to be equal width. To solve this, NEL has replaced all English words on the interfaces with pictures. The wallet address and name will still use the font library.

The NEODUN security channel has now been completed. Importing the wallet will now prompt users to enter a security code displayed on the NEODUN screen, establishing an encrypted information transmission channel. This prevents any malicious program from listening to the USB serial port in order to obtain the wallet private key.

NEL also thanked Dean Jeffs of NEO News Today for helping optimize the NEODUN English interface, with the goal of improving the consistency of human-device interaction. More information on NEODUN can be found here.


NEL announced that the beta game version attracted more than 1,000 users, with more than 4,000 trades in the week that began on August 13th. Several problems were detected following the game launch:

  • The server was blocked by China’s firewall (resolved)
  • Node synchronization of data was slow (resolved)
  • NEO MainNet node adjustment requires resynchronization of data (partially complete)
  • Foreign users require https in order to access the game (planned following next week’s test)

The game is live and accessible through the CryptoGladiator website.

NEO.GAME Competition

The game competition registration was closed on August 15th, marking the beginning of the judging stage. Major awards are planned for announcement at the end of the month. 23 new game projects have been added to the exhibition page, leading to a total of 46. Five project teams have been interviewed, which can be found in the news section of the site.

In the first two weeks of August, 13 entries have become finalists. Preparations are now underway for an offline event that will be held in Shanghai on August 31st. The event will act as a summary for the NEO blockchain game development competition, and a debut for the NEO-based gaming platform BlaCat.

More information on NEL can be found at the links below.