The NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition, hosted by NewEconoLabs (NEL) with support from NEO Global Development, has announced a strategic cooperation with Cocos to build the BlaCat game platform and developer ecosystem. The Cocos mobile game development platform boasts 1.1 million game developers worldwide, with 300,000 developers active on a monthly basis, hailing from over 200 countries worldwide.

NEO Game Competition developers will receive:

  1. Game engine support in the form of Cocos-BCX, which claims to be “an end-to-end solution for decentralized game development.”
  2. Community support from experienced developers in the Cocos community forum; and,
  3. Event support, with Cocos and NEO Game Competition co-hosting offline community meetups for its developers.

NewEconoLabs founder Liu Yongxin commented that “this cooperation with Cocos…not only sets a solid technical foundation, but also creates a common philosophy and vision.” He further stated that he intends the Cocos partnership to make it easier for developers to join the NEO ecosystem.

NEO Game Competition

The NEO Game Competition, which offered a prize pool to developers of ¥3,500,000 CNY ($500,000 USD), was closed for submissions on August 15th. 248 developers have submitted 46 entries in the contest. The NEO Game Competition awards ceremony will be held in Shanghai, China on August 31st, 2018.


BlaCat is a dApp and software development kit based on NEO technology. It is designed to give users and developers alike easy access to the technology needed to play and design blockchain-based games.

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