On the 11th of March, 2018, the Morpheus released an update to its wallet, and announced a partnership with Loopring, a secure token exchange protocol.

The Morpheus wallet now features support for NEP-5 tokens, as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin. This means that users can send and withdraw these assets from the Morpheus desktop application available for Windows and Mac OSX.

According a Medium post released by the wallet service, Morpheus plans to include support for Ledger hardware wallets in the near future, as well as Ethereum and a wide selection of popular ERC-20 tokens.

Some other upcoming features for Morpheus include: a drag and drop dashboard, an ICO token sale template, the automatic claiming of GAS, and two-factor authentication for logins and balance transfers.

Morpheus Partners with Loopring

According to a press release posted on the 8th of March, Morpheus announced that it joined forces with Loopring to “create an integrated solution for the NEO smart economy and Ethereum blockchain.” In practice, this allows Morpheus users to exchange ERC-20 and NEP-5 tokens directly from their Morpheus wallet applications, which could make the process of exchanging a variety of tokens faster and easier.

Due to Loopring’s decentralized security and exchange services, this new partnership has synergies that could extend Morpheus Wallet features. For example, when exchanging tokens with Loopring, customers do not need to send their tokens to an external exchange. Instead, tokens remain in their blockchain addresses throughout the transaction lifecycle. Each transaction is executed via decentralized smart contracts, which leaves the trader’s funds under their control. Also, tokens get traded at crypto exchanges at the best possible prices using Loopring’s balance sheet. This balance sheet increases the liquidity of the tokens and breaks the order into smaller trades across all market venues. Finally, Loopring claims to be “blockchain agnostic,” meaning that it aims to supports all blockchains that have support for smart contracts, and all ERC-20 tokens can be traded under Loopring.