O3 Labs have confirmed partnerships with Loopring and NewEconoLab, with an agreement to support both organisations in future developments of the O3 wallet.

“More teams working on these core infrastructure and design challenges is what is needed to push the blockchain forward.” –¬†Andrei Terentiev, co-founder of O3 Labs

The Loopring partnership will see O3 support the airdrop of Loopring LRN tokens on the O3 wallet. All Loopring holders will receive their tokens on the NEO mainnet sometime after May 15th. O3 are excited about the future of decentralized exchange protocols, and are investigating the feasibility of offering this type of service directly from their mobile application.

Additionally, after meeting at the recent NEO meet up in Taipei, O3 Labs has started a working partnership with NewEconoLab (NEL). NEL is the largest Chinese developer group within the NEO ecosystem. They are committed to the gathering of talented community developers, accelerating the progress of various NEO projects, and growth of the NEO ecosystem as a whole.

The first collaboration will be the integration of NEO Name Service (NNS) by NEL into O3. With NNS, any user can attach a name or .neo address to their public NEO address. The goal is to make the transfer of tokens easier and more secure.

O3 are also paying close attention to the development of the NEODUN hardware wallet, another project that is currently under development by NEL. O3 still believe that the current available hardware wallets are much too clunky, and that the UX still needs to be carefully considered when designing wallet products.

You can download the O3 iOS wallet from the App Store and the Android wallet from Google Play.