Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong Province, is a national first-tier city in Southern China and the third largest city in China. It covers an area of 7,434 square kilometers and has 11 districts. In 2017, its resident population was 14.5 million, with a GDP of 2.15 trillion. Yangcheng, which is the nickname of Guangzhou, is China’s southern gateway to the world.

In order to be reimbursed for healthcare insurance in Guangzhou, citizens are required to select one ‘Third-grade Class-A’ hospital (top rated hospital in China) and one local community hospital prior to having a medical consultation.

Registration of designated hospitals requires a range of documents, such as medical insurance certificate, valid ID card, and a color photo taken within the last year. Medical services in a designated hospital can be fully or partially reimbursed by social insurance, however failure to produce these documents can force patients into paying out-of pocket.

In 2016, THEKEY worked closely with the Medical Insurance Department in Guangzhou to launch an online healthcare service for identity verification and designated healthcare institution selection. The service used THEKEY’s identity verification technology, known as DMI (Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification), and allowed users to validate information against bank records.

Through the application of DMI, patients are no longer required to produce multiple documents when visiting the hospital for treatment. Verification of identity can be achieved quickly through Guangzhou Online Healthcare Insurance service platform by simply clicking “Designated Hospital Selection” and completing the selection process by verifying personal identity data against existing records.

At the beginning of 2018, THEKEY team actively explored new application scenarios for DMI and expanded the functionality to allow users to also verify data with the Bureau of Public Security.

To make this service more accessible to citizens, the The Guangzhou Online Healthcare Insurance Service app, developed by THEKEY, has been integrated into the WeChat platform, and is the official domestic platform for identity verification in the Designated Hospital selection process. Benefits of the app have been widely reported by many domestic media outlets including Sohu and Netease.

The Guangzhou Online Healthcare Insurance Service WeChat app sees around 500 new users register daily and is currently serving around 14 million insured citizens. Since its launch, around 1 million people have used THEKEY’s DMI technology.

THEKEY believes that this service will play a demonstrative role in the application of DMI technology and can greatly enhance the research and development of BDMI (Blockchain-based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification) in combination with different scenarios. THEKEY hopes to announce more progress in this domain in the future.

THEKEY will continue to introduce more products in all regions where data connection is available. Once THEKEY MainNet is launched and has been tested in a pilot city, all these products will gradually begin to use TKY as fuel.