The Morpheus Wallet for desktop has moved out of private alpha testing and into limited public beta. The beta version focuses on core functionality and some features may be greyed out and/or are not activated.

Features available in the beta release:

  • Beta version 0.0.37 is on the NEO TestNet ONLY
  • Create new NEO address
  • View private address data
  • Save address to Morpheus
  • Login via encrypted private key and password
  • Login via private key
  • Encrypt private key and save address to Morpheus
  • Send NEO/GAS on TestNet
  • Receive NEO/GAS on TestNet
  • View Transaction History ( TestNet is down)
  • Please note that some features are switched off or hidden in this beta release.

You can download beta v0.0.37-beta for Mac and Windows from the Morpheus beta Github repo here –

You can join the Morpheus Slack channel for TestNet NEO and GAS –

A video of version 0.0.35 can be found below –

Morpheus plan to release beta updates roughly once a week, with bug fixes and updates already in the works.

Morpheus note they have limited test NEO and GAS available. Once you have created a new TestNet address or logged in using an existing one, you can post your public address in the Slack channel to get test NEO and GAS. As this is on the NEO TestNet, an address from an exchange will not work.

Users who already have TestNet NEO and GAS are free to start testing also.