During NEO’s recent trip to Korea, Da Hongfei visited the National Assembly Memorial Hall in Seoul on October 27th to present at a seminar on ‘Promotion of the FinTech Industry in Korea’. The event was held by the Congressional Legislation Research Center and the Asia Future FinTech Forum for the purpose of better understanding the blockchain industry.

Presenters at the seminar included many Korean academics and industry figures from the financial, technology and legislation fields, with Ben Hammond, Partner at Ashurst in Hong Kong and Da Hongfei appearing as foreign speakers.

The seminar was in response to the rapid spread of internet banking, mobile finance, and cryptocurrencies, and the need to discuss the development of the technology along with potential financial regulations.

Da Hongfei was invited by one of the top law firms and academic researchers in South Korea because of his experience in both the private chain and enterprise field (Onchain), and public chain and smart economy field (NEO).

The topic of Da Hongfei’s presentation was ‘The rise of blockchain in China’. He spoke about areas such as fintech and technology development in China, NEO’s path of development and vision of a smart economy, and Onchain’s blockchain solutions, illustrating projects that are already up and running in China.