Neo has announced the launch of the official N3 TestNet. The first release candidate version of Neo N3 includes the integration of NeoFS into the oracle modules for the first time, alongside state root services and other new features.

The TestNet update was completed on March 25. Users looking to participate directly in the network by running a node can make use of either of two compatible node implementations. Both the Neo core development team and Neo SPCC completed work on their first N3 node releases in time for the launch. The core C# node implementation was released on March 17, quickly followed by Neo SPCC’s Golang alternative two days later.

The majority of blockchains in use today depend on a single client implementation. This can present a problem, rendering the networks at risk of software bugs that affect every node on the network simultaneously. Establishing a heterogeneous setup, through the use of multiple independent codebases, helps improve the network’s robustness by avoiding this single point of failure.

Developers can now begin using either implementation to spin up local private networks and familiarize themselves with the newest tools. The N3 RC1 TestNet represents the first time that the Neo ecosystem will be able to experience the full suite of functionality introduced in the latest version of the Neo platform.

The RC1 nodes will be fully compatible with the first N3 testNet release, and include all the latest toys for developers.

The core node, neo-cli, can be downloaded here. Alternatively, the Go implementation may be downloaded here.