NewEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese developer community, has released its bi-weekly report covering early November. The report outlines the development progress on various NEL projects, such as its NEL block explorer, web-based smart contract debugger, BlaCat game development platform, ZoroChain gaming sidechain, and CryptoGladiator game.

NEL Block Explorer

NEL has announced an interface redesign for its mobile-compatible NEO blockchain explorer. Standout features include the ability to search by transaction type, as well as a fully-functioning TestNet block explorer, with a complete listing of TestNet digital assets.

Neondebug Web Version

Neondebug, NEL’s in-house smart contract debugger, allows for error diagnosis during code compilation, contract deployment, transactions, and invocations. NEL have been working to publish a web-based version of its tool suite. Neondebug’s contract compiler was optimized, a demo was developed, and an online compiler interface was added. NEL has also developed the user interface and webpage structure.


Version 2.9.1 was released to mirror NEO’s NEO-CLI v2.9.1.

NEL “Thin” NuGet SDK

NEL’s light software development kit, which does not need to sync a full copy of the NEO blockchain, now supports framework 4.7 and Core 2.1. The SDK can be installed via the NuGet command or by searching for “neo.sdk.thin” installation in the VS package manager.


Many transaction-based functions were built on NEL’s blockchain game platform. Among them are development of purchase functions for GAS and BCP tokens, a token exchange, and a mobile phone-compatible version of BlaCat. Also in the works are an affiliate marketing plan, a wallet SDK, and a community discussion forum.


ZoroChain, a NEO sidechain focused on high performance for real-time gaming, is also under continuous development. The BlaCat asset exchange was implemented on ZoroChain. NEL has been studying Bancor’s smart contract system to provide liquidity to its token markets. Also, ZoroChain’s SDK for Android also saw improvements, and a block sync issue was fixed on ZoroChain itself.

CryptoGladiator v1.0

Finally, NEL’s blockchain-based game, CryptoGladiator, was recently upgraded to version 1.0, with a change in format. Additionally, details of the new Gladiators have been completed, along with their “skill structure”.

CryptoGladiator’s new world consists of five kingdoms surrounding a city, each with its own “treasure” of digital assets. Controlling a kingdom through force allows winning legions to receive bounties from the ruling king. CryptoGladiator pre-sales have been used to fund each kingdom’s treasury.

Kings can distribute the kingdom’s treasure under their command to fund their legions of gladiators and appoint officials.

The full NEL biweekly report can be seen at the following link: