Alchemint’s Standards (SDS) token is scheduled for listing on the Bibox cryptocurrency exchange on Nov. 20th, 2018 at 4:00 PM SGT (UTC +8). An SDS/ETH trading pair will be offered. In addition, users who have undergone KYC verification on the Bibox exchange will be able to answer a “5-question multiple choice quiz” for a reward.

Hong Kong’s Bibox exchange is currently ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide in daily transaction volume.

SDUSD Public Testing

In addition, Alchemint has invited the public to test and give feedback on its TestNet SAR (Smart Asset Reserve) smart contract. Participants can create a new NEO TestNet address through Alchemint’s TestNet website and email Alchemint community manager Stephen Hu to receive 20 TestNet NEO and 2,000 TestNet SDS. These assets can then be used to create TestNet SDUSD through collateralizing the supplied TestNet NEO in Alchemint’s smart contract.

Assets on NEO’s TestNet have no cash value.

Alchemint’s MainNet SDUSD is expected to launch in December of 2018. At that point, all NEO holders will have the ability to issue SDUSD by pawning NEO in Alchemint’s smart contract.

Alchemint’s Bibox listing announcement and TestNet invitation can be read in full at the following links: