Chinese NEO developer community NewEconoLabs has released two reports that document the development progress it made through February. The reports details changes and improvements made to various projects, including BlaCat, NNS and the upcoming Teemo wallet.

The report covering the first two weeks of February can be found here, and the final two weeks are covered here.

Teemo wallet

Work has continued throughout February on Teemo, a browser extension wallet that aims to act similarly to Ethereum’s MetaMask. With Teemo, NEO dApps will be able to request transaction signatures directly, removing the need for dApp developers to produce their own wallets that must be trusted by users.

NEL began the development of a dAPI, based on the standard proposed by O3, that is designed to simplify dApp development and allow dApps to easily interact with the Teemo wallet. The communication framework has been successfully implemented, alongside some of the required methods and interfaces.

New methods designed to batch process invoke requests have also been proposed as additions to the dAPI standard by NEL, which is hoped to “greatly improve the dApp development efficiency of complex contracts.”

The reports also note various features that have been implemented into Teemo, including:

  • Wallet creation and import functionality
  • Login and logout functions
  • Wallet information and permission controls
  • A security confirmation page for trusting dApps

Development has now begun on the wallet landing, transfer, asset and activity pages, in addition to a built-in CGAS exchange.

NEO Name Service

Following its integration into the O3 mobile wallet, NEL has added domain name transfer and fixed price trading to the NNS mobile app. The changes allow mobile users to bid on and purchase domains, in addition to sending purchased domains to other addresses.

NEL has also made adjustments to the NNS auction login on both the web and O3 app versions, allowing it to better cope with addresses that store thousands of auction records or owned domain names.

The team also noted that the NNS DEX dApp has entered the design stage, which will achieve interoperability through the upcoming Teemo extension wallet. Work has also begun on the secondary market auction functionality, with NEL aiming to design “FOMO-type gameplay” for sales.


Further development has been completed on the ZoroChain main network, including the UI design of the Zoro wallet. Support for NEO deposits and BCP purchases have been added, and the exchange development is currently underway.

The team has also completed development of its news forum and has revised the Partner Program, though details on the specifics of these revisions have not yet been released.

NEO DevCon 2019 attendees that area awaiting the BCP token airdrop are encouraged to email the team ( if they have not received an email about the airdrop, as it has been delayed pending final development of the platform.


NEL has continued work on optimizing LightDB, a replacement for LevelDB which is currently used by NEO nodes. The network communication module was rebuilt, based on a variant of the Akka model.

The addition of the network module to LightDB is intended to turn it into an “open NEO chain data center, to facilitate the deployment of several load-balanced RPC APIs on its front end.” Some of the more complex database operations have been removed, and a read/write interface has been added alongside more atomic operations.


Due to new transaction consensus rules which were introduced in neo-cli v2.9.4, the contract deployment cost calculation model has been revised with an additional 11 GAS fee. This change is intended to ensure contract deployments will be not be rejected by the network. The calculation will be refined following the release of v2.9.5 to the NEO TestNet.