Neo has initiated a bug bounty program for the Neo X TestNet, its EVM-based sidechain designed to enhance the ecosystem’s reach. This program invites the community to identify and submit bugs, which will be categorized into critical, major, and minor issues, with varying rewards in GAS.

The program scope restricts issues related to the consensus layer, native bridge, and governance protocol. Rewards for issues vary with severity, to be determined by Neo.

Critical bugs, which can receive rewards of up to $5000 in GAS, are defined as severe issues that impede the MainNet launch. These include problems like chain hard forks, state corruption, bridge manipulation, and governance faults. Major bugs, rewarded up to $2000 in GAS, may also block the MainNet but are considered less severe. Examples include correctness issues, denial of service (DoS) attacks, and consensus stalls. Minor bugs, rewarded up to $300 in GAS, cover remaining non-critical issues such as gas fee miscalculations and lost transactions in RPC.

Participants can submit bugs on Neo’s official Discord server using the #open-tickets channel. Each submission must include a title, detailed description, reproduction steps, code snippets, screenshots, and an impact assessment.

The original announcement may be read at the following link: