General Updates

Neo launched a bug bounty program for the Neo X TestNet, its EVM-based sidechain designed to enhance the ecosystem’s reach. This program invites the community to identify and submit bugs, which will be categorized into critical, major, and minor issues, with varying rewards in GAS.

Neo announced a new partnership with OORT, a cloud network dedicated to decentralized AI by utilizing global resources from data centers to smartphones. Details of what the partnership will entail are forthcoming.

Neo Foundation head of development Steven Liu delivered a presentation entitled Neo: The Complete Blockchain Development Platform at the AI x Crypto Insights & BUIDL Workshop that took place in Singapore. Additionally, Liu participated in an X Space hosted by BeWater, with a conversation focused on connecting and bridging innovation in AI and cryptocurrency.

Pixudi announced a partnership with DeQuest, a reputation-focused Quest-2-Earn gaming platform. The partnership is set to include exclusive products and access to the first mint whitelist on the platform’s marketplace. Pixudi also revealed the tokenomics for its upcoming token, $XUDI. Portal gun owners will be eligible for the airdrop, while early adopters, mystery pack buyers, and unique rank holders will receive a portal gun airdrop which will thereby give access as well.

Greenfinch revealed that it is rebranding to Cassette, with a new website and updated UI currently in development. This announcement was made in the project Discord.

GrantShares proposal entitled New GameFi Approach based on community focused mechanics was put forth for discussion.

The developer of the Schrute Bucks memecoin launched, which allows users to create downloadable token coupons that can be printed and redeemed online. The service works with any NEP-17 token, with custom designs for the $CHRUTE and $FRANK tokens.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking token for week 19 of 2024, noting approximately US $9.11 million in total value, $4.4 million in total minting rewards, and $815,000 in total trading fee rewards.

Neo community and natural language processing developer Robert Oschler deployed an AI bot to educate users on Flamingo Finance. The bot was trained using every Flamingo Medium article.

Developer Updates

COZ released Boa v1.2.0, the latest version of its Python smart contract compiler for the Neo N3 blockchain. This update introduces several key features and improvements aimed at enhancing the development experience. COZ also announced the addition of a new content marketing strategist to the team, Gustavo Canzian.

AxLabs released its monthly digest for April, welcoming a new team member and detailing general updates, Neo and Neo X developments, and a collaboration with The Hashgraph Association.


May 28: Meme2Earn hosting a Community Fireplace on its official Discord server.
May 28: Flamingo hosting a Community Lagoon on its official Discord server.