Neo has released NeoCLI v3.7.4, which is live on the TestNet as of May 17 and scheduled to deploy on MainNet on May 24. The update is designed to facilitate third-party integrations via enhanced support for Koblitz- and Keccak256-based witnesses.

Following the update, applications will have a more streamlined experience when verifying secp256k1 signatures. Additionally, the neo devpack for .NET now supports Lambda expressions and Linq queries, and the command line may be used to read application logs.

Node operators need to update their systems to .NET 8.0 to utilize the new version. For those using Ubuntu, the operating system should be updated to at least version 20.04. The upgrade process includes a fork, set at block 3,967,000 for TestNet and 5,450,000 for MainNet, requiring a config update. Resynchronization will be required for this update.

The original announcement may be read at the following link: