Pixudi has announced its new tokenomic model and a partnership with DeQuest as it prepares to launch new cross-chain Metaverse collections. The move is hoped to enhance user engagement and platform reach as the game continues to mature.

$XUDI Tokenomics

The team settled on a fixed supply token model to power its GameFi experience, with a total supply of 250M tokens. Pixudi has released its distribution and vesting schedule, with allocations specified for community and ecosystem, team, private sale, gameplay rewards, airdrops, advisors, and launch partners.

Tokenomics breakdown. Source: Pixudi X account

According to its documentation, Pixudi will charge in-game transaction fees using USDT, which will be bridged into the game with an in-house solution. This is intended to decouple the cost to participate in the game from performance of the $XUDI token.

The token value will be supported through two main mechanisms. Stakers will be incentivized via fees from other assets bridged into the game, and scheduled token burns will be used to reduce supply over time. The team also declared its intent to use market makers to drive long-term growth of the asset.

Early adopters of the Pixudi platform, such as mystery pack buyers, will be receiving a Portal Gun NFT airdrop. This NFT will entitle the holder to an airdrop when the $XUDI token is launched.

DeQuest and Pixudi Metaverse

DeQuest is a platform designed to reward users for playing Web3 games. The partnership is expected to help onboard new users to Pixudi’s board game and recently unveiled Metaverse. The Metaverse will feature unique NFT collections across multiple blockchains and introduce new rewards for users.

Pixudi’s first Metaverse collection is the limited edition Portal Blaster series. These 5000 unique NFTs will go on sale on the BNB Chain Marketplace. The next collection will launch on the Coredao network.

Portal Blaster NFT. Source: Pixudi X account

The first quests for Pixudi on DeQuest are now open to participation. Users will need to complete various challenges, such as following the team’s social media channels or referring friends. An email account, MetaMask wallet, or another wallet that supports WalletConnect for EVM networks is required to participate.

Miscellaneous updates

In addition to the tokenomic updates, Pixudi recently launched its second season, introducing hatchable pets that players can obtain using incubators. The game has seen the addition of various new quests and map elements, enhancing the gameplay experience.

New in-game items, such as stat-boosting equipment and booster packs, have been added to the “ingems” in-game currency store. New payment methods have been added for purchasing booster packs, including FrankCoin and fiat payments via swipelux, expanding the options available to players.

Users can start exploring Pixudi Multiverse at the link below: