Neo has announced the addition of Rangers Protocol to the Neo X ecosystem. The partnership with Ranger Protocol is among the first batch Neo Global Development established in advance of the tentative 2024 launch of the Neo X EVM sidechain. The two entities will collaborate on providing tooling to simplify the onboarding experience for EVM-based Web3 developers.

Rangers Protocol is an ecosystem dedicated to reducing friction in the development experience and maximizing the user experience. The team’s vision is to build an easy-to-use Web3 engine leveraged by decentralized infrastructure, data management, standardized integrated development environments, and comprehensive interoperability features for dApps.

The Rangers Protocol network is built on a consensus mechanism designed to deliver high-frequency trading and high-power consumption that can communicate with various blockchain networks. The Rangers REVM is fully compatible with the EVM virtual machine, providing comprehensive toolchains to support smart contract development, compilation, and deployment. At the time of press, the protocol has facilitated approximately 11.7 million transactions.

The Rangers Protocol team was funded by several well-known VC entities in the Web3 space, including Huobi, HashKey Group, and Pantera, among several others.

Upon the announcement’s release, no tangible goals or specific deliverables have been outlined as a result of the partnership. NGD will release more information in the future.

The X post announcing the partnership can be found at the link below: