A developer from the Neo community, known for the creation of the Schrute Bucks memecoin, has introduced a new service called NEO.Coupons. This platform enables users to create downloadable token coupons that can be printed and redeemed online, providing a novel way to distribute cryptocurrency.

NEO.Coupons supports any NEP-17 token, with special custom designs available for the $CHRUTE and FRANK tokens. To create a coupon, users need to connect a NeoLine or Neon wallet. Once connected, users can specify the number of tokens to fund into a coupon, name the coupon, and set a passcode for redemption. GAS only coupons are not currently supported, but will be included in the future.

After the coupon is created, a unique coupon ID and a printable coupon image are generated. The creator can then share the coupon details and passcode with the recipient, who can redeem the tokens online at neo.coupon/redeem. The recipient can subsequently claim the tokens into their own Neo wallet.

Coupon with Schrute Bucks theme

The Schrute Bucks token, inspired by “The Office,” a mockumentary-style television show, was created as an “attention token” within the Neo community. In the show, the Schrute Buck was used as a motivational currency by the character Dwight Schrute when he assumed the role of temporary manager. NEO.Coupons extends this playful concept by allowing users to print Schrute Bucks-styled coupons, modeled after those featured in the show.

The original announcement can be found at the below link: