Neo has released NeoChat, a new address-to-address instant chat application. The messaging service is built to facilitate private social interactions in Web3 with end-to-end encryption. Early users may participate in a launch competition or offer feedback to win GAS rewards.

Users can log into NeoChat by using any supported wallet, limited to NeoLine and OneGate at the time of press. Once inside the application, chats can be created with any other Neo N3 user via a public address or NeoNS domain name. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of use cases, such as private sales, influencer interactions, or customer support for dApps.

The platform includes a block address feature, providing a method to protect against spam and harassment. Additionally, the team has added a direct ChatGPT integration. While waiting on message responses from fellow humans, users can converse with the AI chatbot for free.

ChatGPT Competition

To commemorate the release, a competition will be held with 500 GAS in prizes. Users may enter by prompting ChatGPT to create an interesting description of Neo. After receiving a reply, users may forward the response to the Campaign Manager default account.

The top 20 submissions from addresses with NeoNS aliases will receive 15 GAS, while the top 20 using regular addresses will receive 1 GAS each. Neo team members will select the best submissions and share them with the community for voting; 100 GAS will be randomly distributed to 100 participants in the vote.

An additional 80 GAS will also be distributed to users who send useful feedback about NeoChat to the team via the new #neochat-feedback channel on Discord.

Users can try NeoChat at the link below: