GrantShares recipient Voxiberate is hosting an upcoming forum, referred to as a deliberation, where users will discuss catering Neo to non-blockchain developers and then vote on potential directives derived from the conversation. The event will mark the first time the platform integrates the Neo blockchain as a part of its governance process. The deliberation will begin at 2:00 p.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, March 22.

Voxiberate’s mission is to solve the problem of participatory governance through deliberations by representative groups of people, known as citizen assemblies. In citizen assemblies, registered participants anonymously provide input on a given issue, receive input from subject matter experts, and eventually vote to determine the optimal resolution path.

The upcoming deliberation follows a successful offchain test pilot in Jan. 2023, which focused on democratizing AI systems and whether they should be freely accessible to all. The initial deliberation showcased the platform’s ability for people to vote and comment anonymously. The upcoming deliberation aims to debate the merits of catering to developers outside the blockchain industry. Votes will be recorded on the Neo N3 TestNet.

Users participating in the upcoming deliberation will receive TestNet GAS rewards after the event. To be involved, users must first register an email address and link a Neo wallet (via NeoLine) on the Voxiberate web application. Access to the deliberation will be limited to the first 30 registrants.

Interested users can register through Voxiberate link below: