Neo Research has released the first version of NeoCompiler Eco for N3 RC3. The browser-based tool provides an all-in-one environment for smart contract development with all basic N3 functionality now available.

With the tool, developers can get started with Neo contract development without ever installing anything on their local machine. At the moment, only C# contract compilation and examples are supported, however more languages will be added in the future.

The app provides an invocation interface which makes it easy for developers to test contracts after deployment. Deployments and transactions can be sent from a number of default development wallets.

NeoCompiler Eco operates as a private test network which is reset periodically to maintain performance, resource usage, and to ensure test funds are always available.

Alongside the essential contract development tools, NeoCompiler Eco is also equipped with similar conversion functionality to that found in the Legacy version. Convenient methods are provided for changing between hex strings, script hashes, public addresses, and other Neo-specific types.