Neo Global Development has announced the launch of the N3 Early Adoption Program, aimed at incentivizing development on the new Neo blockchain. The program has allocated US $10 million in grants, which will go to qualified teams and individuals. NGD will screen applicants, and interested parties can submit their applications through September 2021.

The goal of the Early Adoption Program is to increase overall participation in the Neo ecosystem. NGD hopes that new ecosystem entrants building on Neo N3 can optimize the network through real-world use and testing. Ultimately, NGD believes the program can help establish Neo N3’s infrastructure while simultaneously bolstering awareness.

NGD emphasizes that anyone can apply for the program:

“No matter if you are an independent developer, a small to mid-sized startup, or a mature project with a full-fledged team, the Early Adoption Program will provide financial support to all suitable teams while also incubating potential teams by helping them grow.”

NGD hopes to see a variety of dApp and product ideas, with particular interest in the following types of projects:

  • Infrastructure for the Neo N3 MainNet (i.e., browsers, compilers, middleware)
  • Product development based on NeoID, NeoFS, oracles, and other core components of Neo N3
  • Application layer uses (i.e., DeFi, NFTs, and general dApps)
  • Concepts with business use cases merging physical and digital worlds (i.e., social media, e-commerce projects)
  • Regulation-facing use cases (i.e., payment and traditional financial digitization projects)

To apply for the N3 Early Adoption Program, registrants must provide a project introduction, an overview of reasoning for building the tool or application, a team introduction, and plans to move forward. More information about applying can be found on the Eco Support section of the website.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director John Wang reiterated that Neo is seeking to collaborate with driven individuals and groups, teams committed to exploring and pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. He said, “With your help, we hope to develop new business innovations while implementing novel ideas and innovations to achieve the smart economy of tomorrow.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: