Neo SPCC has launched NeoFS on the T5 TestNet, following a list of new enhancements designed to make the system faster and more reliable. The team also teased the upcoming launch of its CDN, a new NeoFS-based service that will help developers deploy their websites to its decentralized network.

Accompanying the launch is an article that documents how a user can interact with NeoFS on the T5 TestNet. The guide walks through the process of downloading the required CLI tool, acquiring and depositing GAS, creating a container, and uploading files to it.

After uploading a file to the new NeoFS test network, they can be shared with others by using a HTTP Gateway.

NNT Logo hosted on NeoFS and served via Neo SPCC’s public HTTP Gateway

Neo SPCC offers a public gateway that can be used to serve files via container ID and file name. However, developers building applications are encouraged to deploy their own gateway instances for their own usage.

The team also notes that additional in-depth guides addressing the platform’s various innovations will also be released in the near future. The status of NeoFS on the T5 TestNet and MainNet can be viewed via a new status website.

The launch announcement and guide can be read at the following link: