TOTHEMOON will airdrop Item NFTs to holders of Waxing Crescent Phase Character NFTs, with a wallet snapshot taking place at 6pm (UTC) on August 5. Holders must delist these Character NFTs from all marketplaces prior to the snapshot in order to be eligible. Item NFTs will be distributed according to the following:

  • Cryptonaut = 1 Item NFT
  • Moon Trainer = 2 Item NFTs
  • Moon Creature = 3 Item NFTs
  • Moon Baby = 4 Item NFTs

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3 where collectors engage with the moon-themed metaverse. The TOTHEMOON team is establishing this metaverse by layering and integrating NFTs with the intention of supporting a thriving supply and demand economy.

This is TOTHEMOON’s second Item NFT airdrop. Item NFTs are elements of the game required for success – food, water, vehicles, and other necessities. The first airdrop was in April, and gave away almost 45,000 Item NFTs to holders of Character NFTs minted in December, 2021. Airdrop #2 is exclusive to holders of the 2,800 Character NFTs minted during the game’s Waxing Crescent Phase, which took place in May. Dates for the actual airdrop have not yet been announced.

The airdrop snapshot announcement can be found at the link below: