Neo SPCC has released an update for neo-go that brings it completely in line with the core Neo2 C# node implementation. The latest release, version 0.74.0, includes a variety of new features, improvements, and bug fixes designed to make the node available as a drop-in replacement for neo-cli.

This milestone release marks the first time that a third-party Neo node implementation has become a functionally complete alternative to the core client. The neo-go node can be used for all standard RPC services, participate in consensus, or monitor the blockchain for important information such as contract event notifications.

New features include a large number of previously absent RPC methods, components required to facilitate NEP-5 asset management and balance tracking, and improved wallet functionality such as support for NEP-2 or WIF import/exports, multisig accounts, and contract imports.

Neo SPCC has also worked on improving contract deployment UX, including proper wallet support for deployment/invocation and corrected GAS calculation. Further changes to the compiler have also been committed, including support for switch statements and break statements in for loops, in addition to several compiler bugs that have now been resolved.

A laundry list of bugs were also fixed in 0.74.0, the full list of which can be viewed alongside other changes in the release. According to Neo SPCC, following the removal of some incompatibilities, the node implementation appears to be stable. The team’s consensus node on the Neo2 TestNet has now been updated to use neo-go instead of the core client, and echoing the results of recent benchmarks, efficiency improvements over the C# node have been reported.

Now that the project has achieved full feature parity with the core implementation, the team will concentrate on the development of the Neo3 node.