Guardian Circle, a decentralized emergency response service, has released v3.1 of its mobile application, which includes improved performance, updated notification settings, improved onboarding process, and an affiliate program. Additionally, the team warns of a dwindling runway amid of the recent market downturn.

At the time of press, the additional stress placed on the capacity of health and safety services by the coronavirus is a global issue. Guardian Circle states:

People are suddenly (understandably) more concerned about what happens when police, medical and rescue are overwhelmed. What if officers and medical responders start to get COVID-19? Will there be increased lawlessness — and less response?

Guardian Circle is a community emergency response network is intended for use in cases such as personal injury, harassment, or medical emergency. The app’s native token, GUARD, is used to reward a pre-selected pool of Guardians comprised of friends, family, neighbors, and community members who respond to an event.

The Guardian Circle network aims to support public and private alerts for a variety of situations such as natural disasters, no service/rural areas, women’s safety, eldercare, and emergency events such as the current epidemic.

Improved performance and mobile onboarding issues resolved

In version 3.1, Guardian Circle claims to have removed two issues mobile users had been experiencing while attempting to register a new account, and improved the performance of the app.

First, mobile users were both selecting their countries of residence from the initial drop-down menu, as well as entering their country code. Though Guardian Circle was serviceable in those regions, users couldn’t complete the registration process due to the UI error, which the team has addressed in version 3.1.

Second, users in Brazil and Iran weren’t receiving SMS text messages containing their verification codes, which is necessary to finalize the onboarding process. The updated version of the Guardian Circle application has integrated an option for an automated phone call that distributes the verification code.

Further, version 3.1 has been optimized to reduce the burden on the phone’s battery. By updating its communication HTTP libraries, the Guardian Circle network is now able to make fewer HTTP requests between the mobile app and API. The reduction in bandwidth reduced the amount of energy required by the app, preserving battery life.

GUARD distribution program

A new affiliate program has been implemented into Guardian Circle to allows users to earn NEP-5 GUARD token rewards for registration, referrals, and answering alerts.

An invitation link is provided to users to share on social media or other communication platforms. When new members use the link to register, Guardian Circle will distribute 10 GUARD tokens to both the original and new member.

Users can expect to receive their rewards within 24 hours of the referral processing.

Guardian Circle also intends to distribute rewards for past referrals retroactively.

State of Guardian Circle

Citing the impact of the recent global financial downturn and its effect on the price of NEO and BTC, Guardian Circle has announced it has about six months of runway left in its coffers “barring any new curveballs.”

Though, Guardian Circle states, “we have identified a significant revenue stream in an $11B market and a partner to go get it with.” The currently unknown partner is claimed to offer a channel with more than 8,000 distributors that can potentially leverage the Guardian Circle application.

Once the partnership is formally established, integration of the partner’s product and the Guardian Circle application is expected to take two to three months. Afterward, Guardian Circle believes its mobile app will have the capability to derive a revenue stream and further attract venture capital interest.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: